AFIT, working with EMG is able to offer workshops on your farm for a minimum fee to cover our time, travel and accommodation expenses.

We can offer training based on requirements using modules we have already developed and adapt this to your farms needs or develop new modules.

We have already run training on two farms which covered the roles and responsibilities of the Premium Committee, difference between Premium Committee and workers committee and lessons learned from your Premium Committee project as well as planning you next projects.

We are also able to cover other Premium Committee issues like:

  • Project Planning (also covered at Spring School)
  • Bookkeeping and finances
  • General Fairtrade Awareness and Standards

And general farm worker issues like:

  • Workers rights
  • Labour law
  • The Fairtrade standards

If you are interested please contact us to discuss the possibilities. There is also the option to work with Fairtrade farms in one area to help share costs.


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