An independent body which:

  • provides effective representation for fairtrade producers (small-­‐farmers and farm-­‐workers) in South Africa and the wider world,
  • creates opportunities for its members and other interested parties to build the necessary capacities and understanding for the creation of a fairer and more equitable agricultural sector in SA,
  • will serve to protect the ideals and trademarks of Fair-­‐trade internationally.

Through this initiative, opportunities will be created
for members to:

  • Increase their production sustainably
  • Add more value to their products
  • Market their products more effectively locally and overseas
  • Promote improved education and healthcare in their communities
  • Ensure that all in their communities have access to social development
  • Acquire and retain Fair-­‐trade accreditation
  • Create job opportunities in their broader community – Share information and knowledge with each other


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