Capacity Building

Legacy of Apartheid:

  • Unequal access to Education and Skills
  • Unequal ownership and distribution of wealth

Results in two focus areas:

  • Hard Skills development: Project management, financial management, meeting skills, marketing skills, production skills, Fair Trade Standards and systems etc.
    These have to be understood in the broader context.
  • Soft Skills development: Rights, Purpose of Fair Trade, globalisation and the world trade system, structure of the South African and world economy, lobbying, networking , policy etc.

Capacity Building AGM 2008

  • AFIT’s approach to capacity building focuses on collective learning/information sharing, supported by training
  • Capacity building has a number of different aspects to it including: training, exchange visits,
    lobbying and advocacy, research, networking and solidarity nationally and internationally, bi-monthly newsletter, micro-­loans…
  • The 2008 AGM highlighted areas for capacity building in 2009

2009 Capacity Building

  • 3 workshops for SFO’s & 3 for JB’s
  • Training on Standards and Legislation
  • Spending Premiums
  • Hard skills
  • 1 National Workshop
  • 2 exchange visits
  • Action Research
  • Seminar and publications
  • Newsletter and networking support (communication)
  • Rights campaign


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