About AFIT

Overall governance of the organisation is the responsibility of the Management Committee which is elected by members at the Annual General Meeting. EMG is mandated to act as the organisations Secretariat.

Why Association For Fairness in Trade (AFIT)?

We as small-scale farmers and farm workers are isolated and uninformed about:

  • Fair trade as an ideal and a trading system
  • The fair trade standards
  • Our rights as fair trade beneficiaries
  • How Joint Bodies should be constituted and should function
  • Sources of development assistance

How did AFIT come about?

  • We were aware that we were isolated from one another and discussed the problems with NGO’s
  • A networking project was developed by EMG in consultation with the Fair Trade Support Network
  • Funding was provided by Ford Foundation
  • A consultative workshop was held which lead to the launch of AFIT in May 2005
  • A constitution was adopted and a Management Committee elected

What can AFIT do for its members?

  • Create a network of mutual support and solidarity
  • Provide information to members
  • Help members to develop their capacities
  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences
  • Help members to gain access to development assistance from government and other agencies

What can AFIT do for partners in the fair trade system?

  • Contribute to ensure a high standard of fair trade producing organisations
  • Reduce risk for all participants in the system
  • Promote higher and more stable prices for South African Fair Trade Producers
  • Create a platform for the aspirations and viewpoint of beneficiaries to be expressed and addressed in a coherent way


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